Kasi K has been known for her relevance on the runway from the time she was a teenager. However, she’s now on a mission to cultivate relevance with her artistic lyrics and to be known more for her creative talent on stage and behind the mic. With over 12 years spread out amongst the film industry and modeling, Kasi K gravitated to the spotlight and wanted to combine her creative taste for Hip Hop with her talent. Throughout the years accumulating a taste for music, Kasi K found that artists such as Lauryn Hill, Tupac, and Notorious BIG seem always relevant when it came to finding inspiration.

2012 was the first opportunity Kasi K worked in the industry as a professional singer alongside her sister as they were asked to replace lead singer (Dandi Wind) of the band Fan Death. The run with the band was short lived as Kasi K had more of an interest to pursue Hip Hop as that is where her heart lied and interest was. Kasi K fully understands the fundamentals of writing music, as she studied creative writing at the University of British Columbia. It was easy for this artist to hit the scene running as she never needed to lean on others to write her ideas.

Kasi believes that there are no rules to life, that each individual is unique, and should find and pursue things that mean more to them, without worrying about social acceptance. She hopes to be a role model for this, using her music as a medium to free people from mental shackles that chain their true spirit.

Kasi is part of a growing new breed of artists who want to do something different with their music instead of blindly following industry norms. Her experience with Fan Death, and other mainstream producers has left her wanting more creative control over her work, she’s always open to collaboration she says, but not carrying out orders, especially when that distorts her message or go against her principles. Ironically, Kasi found objectification rampant in the music industry too, with producers expecting that out of her. She has refused to sign up with them, choosing to be a positive role model, showing people that different is good. She doesn’t like people “buying into the bullshit” and wants to do everything she can with her music to achieve that.

With a sexy-shocking- yet empowering look on life, Kasi gets her energy when collaborating with ‘out of the norm’ artists and producers. Her non-stereotypical nature has helped her look outside the box and found classical violinist Trimming Moods, from Argentina in turn creating their EP ’14th Element’. Kasi confesses, ‘That’s where I really started to find my sound. It’s like, you can hear it in your head, but until it smacks you in the face it’s hard to explain.’

Kasi is simultaneously working with producers in Toronto, New York, Miami and multiple producers in Vancouver. Stay tuned to hear what’s next from Kasi. Artists and producers interested in doing something different? Contact Kasi.